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Veganism is a movement towards conscious & compassionate living.
If you have ever been curious about veganism, join us as we discover
how to heal our bodies, heal the planet & awaken our humanity

Sande has presented, “How Veganism Heals” to the MidHudson Regional Hospital, Dutchess Community College, The Omega Institute Staff and to other regional groups and organizations.

Here is an email received after the MidHudson Regional Hospital presentation:

Sande –

I attended the lecture at Mid-Hudson Westchester Regional Health Center Wednesday 3/23, and I was very impressed with your professionalism and compelling delivery. Your were smooth, experienced, and you delivered your talk with deliberate natural pauses, and allowed the words and the meaning of your thoughts to sink in, and be absorbed, and then you moved on to the next important point. Your persuasive speech skills are extremely high!

I was so impressed, that immediately after the lecture ended I drove to Adams Fairacre Farms on Route 44 in Poughkeepsie, and I purchased two pints of “So Delicious” brand coconut milk frozen dessert (non dairy ice cream).

In my life I have had brief periods of this philosophy with no regrets or lacking, so the idea of changing my food intake is a possibility, given your motivation.

Your talk was worth listening to, and worth considering for changing my behavior.

Please contact me to schedule a presentation for your group or organization. I have all the equipment needed to set up the presentation in most any space. Contact me at 845-206-2213


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