• Jade Fire Agate Yoga Necklace
  • Jade Fire Agate Yoga Necklace

Jade Fire Agate Necklace


Ignite your inner fire wearing this stunning Jade Fire Agate, Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver Sundara Necklace. Deep rich colors and designs are embedded in each of the stones. The Swarovski Crystals enhance the spark & the interspersed Sterling Silver cools the flame. A substantial, beautifully designed Sterling Silver Pendant makes a heated statement of its own.


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Fire agate is a stone of courage, protection, and strength. Mystical lore says that it relieves fears and even reflects any threat of harm back to the source. Fire agate can help with spiritual advancement and progression. It promotes and enhances energy, including meditation, ritual, and spiritual healing energies. It can take the edge off the emotional charge of problems. Metaphysical healing lore professes that fire agate enhances all healing energies, and assists with healing of the circulatory system, lymph system, intestines. Fire agate is associated primarily with the sacral and root chakras.


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