All living things love their life, desire pleasure and do not like pain; they dislike any injury to themselves; every creature is desirous of life and to every being, his own life is very dear.

– Yogashastra (c. 500 BC)

Just as people come to yoga for different reasons (back problems, flexibility, spiritual seeking, calming the mind, etc.,) many people decide to adopt a vegan lifestyle for different reasons as well.

Some come to veganism because of health concerns and find that a plant-based diet can reverse, as well as prevent disease…some environmentalists realize that animal agriculture is creating the bulk of global warming and that without change, our survival on this earth will not be a given. And then there are those like Sande, who make a deep spiritual connection and begin to understand that the immense cruelty we impart on billions of animals is detrimental to peace on any level. Sande strives to live the fullest life doing the least harm. Veganism is a salve for the soul.

As a certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator, Sande can listen and understand the reasons YOU may want to learn about veganism. She can take you through a process that will make the transition easier and exhilarating. You will understand so much more about where food actually comes from and what is happening in the process. You’ll wonder why you didn’t see this before…Sande did. You’ll understand how to transition to a plant-based diet in a healthful way – with correct dietary requirements and supplementations, so that you may feel full, satisfied and oh so good about yourself. You will be healing your body, saving the planet, and you will be able to call yourself a true animal lover in every sense of the word.
Main Street Vegan Academy

Schedule Your Vegan Coaching Sessions

Call 845-206-2213 or email for information and for affordable coaching program rates. These rates honor Sande’s time, education, and her genuine effort towards your success.

Coaching sessions are customized. You can meet in person or by skype or Facetime sessions. They can be one-on-one or group sessions. Sande also has a full day program which encompasses a complete overview of the transition…it’s a full day field trip that includes an amazing visit to an animal sanctuary, a grocery shopping excursion, a pantry and refrigerator overhaul…and then the day will culminate in cooking and sharing an amazing vegan meal. It will be a day not soon forgotten…bring friends and family and share the experience.
vegan kitchen

If you are curious about veganism, have Sande give her presentation, “How Veganism Heals” to your group of friends, co-workers, organization, meet-up group or workshop. She offers cooking classes too. Everything you need to live a healthy, compassionate and sustainable life…a vegan life.