The Healing Properties of Gemstones

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The Healing Properties of Gemstones

There is healing potential in all forms of nature. Many of our medications come from plants. Specific foods heal various ailments and modalities such as herbs, aromatherapy and energy healing are used more and more in the alternative healing process.

Healing GemstonesCivilizations dating back thousands of years, including shamans and medicine men have used gemstones for healing. Some crushed them into powders while others placed them near the body to impart their specific energies on to their patients. With energy and holistic healing making its way into the forefront, these lovely jewels are being perceived as more than just body adornment. Gemstones have beauty, power and sacred meanings.

In the middle ages warriors carried shields set with garnets to fill them with courage and protect them in battle. Citrine was thought to protect against snake venom and evil thoughts. Amethyst derives its name from a Greek word meaning “not intoxicated” and has been known for its supposed power to allow the wearer to remain in control. This did not always refer to alcohol intoxication – it also referred to helping with addiction as well as keeping the bad spirits away. In ancient times the gemstone Peridot was ground into a powder and taken as a remedy for asthma. When held under the tongue, it was supposed to lessen the thirst of a fever.

In their book, “The Healing Power of Crystals and Gemstones,” Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer and Gesela Schreiber tell us about medicinal gemstones and their long and varied history. One such reference is about the now popular Ayurvedic system of healing (the word Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words “ayur” meaning life, and “veda” meaning wisdom.) Ayurveda describes in detail how to prepare elixirs, pastes and powders made from gemstones. “Doctors in India would place colored gemstones on the painful areas of their patient’s bodies to enhance their healing power and use them as channels for the light and warmth of the sun.”

The authors also introduce us to Paracelsus, the most famous physician of the Renaissance who delved into the healing properties of gemstones more than anyone else. He used pulverized rocks to treat his patient’s symptoms. He had a distinct and intuitive philosophy about health and healing. He believed “there is only one source of health: the irresistible, wise, limitless powerful healer within us. This healer has been weakened and obstructed through careless habits of living. When I want to treat a person, the only thing I attempt to do is to restore the healing power within.”

With a myriad of books and sites listing all of the healing properties of gemstones, access to specific information is readily available. Here are just a few examples of the healing properties of gemstones that can be found:


  • If you have kidney or bladder disorders, jade is beneficial. This green stone is also useful for assisting childbirth and healing the nervous system and eyes


  • For improved vision, try topaz. This stone is yellow, blue and sometimes green, and helps in reducing stress levels as well.


  • Sapphire is a regulating gem that can balance the body. It relaxes you and can benefit your circulatory system.


  • The urinary tract, digestive system and kidneys all respond to citrine. A variety of quartz, citrine appears in shades of red, orange and brown, and can help relieve headaches.

(List was referenced from: eHow Healthy Living Spiritual & Non-Traditional Healing.)

Paracelsus reminds us to “restore the healing power within.”  Wearing healing gemstones is one way to do this….and it doesn’t hurt that they make us feel beautiful too.

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