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  • Bronzite Necklace

    Bronzite Necklace

    Bronzite is used for protection, as it sends back negative energies to the sender.

  • Amethyst Bracelet

    Amethyst Bracelet

    Amethyst helps you attain wisdom and stirs the intuition.

  • Citrine Earrings

    Citrine Earrings

    Citrine is associated with prosperity and abundance.

The word Sundara is drawn from the Sanskrit word meaning “beautiful,” interpreted as inner beauty flowing from grace & wisdom.
Adorn yourself…from the inside out. Call 845-206-2213.

Sundara Vegan

Fruit and vegetables

As a certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator, Sande can listen and understand the reasons YOU may want to learn about veganism. She can take you through a process that will make the transition easier and exhilarating. You will understand so much more about where food actually comes from and what is happening in the process. You’ll wonder why you didn’t see this before…

Sundara Yoga

Sundara Yoga

Sande’s yoga teaching style is warm, caring and playful. She strives to create a “held space” for the practice, where her students can explore this inner journey that is yoga. Sundara Yoga offers group classes, Yoga & Meditation Workshops, Corporate Yoga Classes and Yoga @ Your Desk Workshops at your office. Email Sande at sande@sundarajewel.com or
call 845-206-2213 for more information.

Sundara Jewelry


Sande began to express her love of yoga through jewelry designs in 2010. Sitting down in her jewelry studio to create a new piece became a form of meditation. Fully focused, creativity flows through her into each and every piece. Sande searches out the finest semi-precious stones, cool sterling silver, deep gold vermeil or warm bronze or copper to design unique and special pieces of wearable art.